Welcome to the Escort Buddy web site.  Im Penny and from my time working as an Independent Escort I have learnt a lot through networking with other experienced escorts. This has certainly been a valuable resource for myself and as we all seem to get new ladies asking us questions I have put together the Buddy System. We have a wonderful resource in our combined knowledge. The aim is to promote safe working practice within the industry for as many ladies as possible. The Escort Buddy System has been operating for a couple of years now, very sucessfully. 

New escorts

If you are new to the industry and would like some help and support then please email me on, please head your email 'Buddy System' so that it doesnt get lost in the spam.
If you feel you need someone to chat to urgently please do give me a call on:
Mobile:  07840291252
Please note that I do not answer withheld numbers.

I will want a contact number for you so that I can have a brief chat with you to guage your needs and who to best pair you with.
All the information I hold will remain confidential and it is up to you what information you wish to share.


If you wish to be a Buddy then please email me on  Please put 'Buddy Sytem' in your header so that it doesnt get lost in the spam. Your role would be to help and support a new working girl while she is setting herself up. The kind of areas you might help in are:

- how to decide which services to offer
- fees
- safe working practices
- personal health
- internet resources available
- security measures
- location
- touring
- local resources
- legalities of being an escort
- and much more!

I keep a list and co-ordinate the available buddy's and when a request comes through I select an appropriate buddy. You dont have to live in the same location, as you are only offering help and advice, either by email and/or telephone contact. If you wish to meet up, then thats up to you.

Remember, your role is one of support and you are not responsible for the new lady.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.